Fast, low cost & accurate

Identifying bacterial species and antibiotic resistance directly from patient blood

GenomeKey is developing an innovative new in vitro diagnostic device which will reduce the time to identify the bacteria and how to treat it, from days to only a few hours.

We achieve this massive time saving by approaching the problem in a new way. Rather than relying upon bacterial culture, we instead sequence the genome of the bacteria directly from patient blood, and then use machine learning to interpret the genome and arrive at the critical clinical information quickly, accurately, and cheaply.

This enables the clinician to put the patient on targeted antimicrobials much earlier in the patient pathway. Saving lives, saving money, and saving our antibiotics for the future.

GenomeKey’s unique technology

  • Bacterial DNA extraction

    A typical sepsis patient may have 1-10 bacterial cells per ml of blood. That translates to a 2,000,000,000:1 ratio of human DNA to bacterial DNA in the clinical sample. Our proprietary biochemical process improves this ratio to a 1:1 ratio of human DNA to bacterial DNA, enabling bacterial DNA sequencing direct from whole patient blood.

  • Intelligent Bioinformatics

    Bioinformatics is a powerful tool for understanding and deciphering the clinical consequences of the bacterial genome identified in the patient's blood. However, not all bacterial species can be straightforwardly interpreted by looking at the genes and mutations of the genome.

    In such cases we must use more powerful tools to decode the genome. GenomeKey has developed proprietary machine learning algorithms to tackle the hardest most complex bacterial genomes and reveal the crucial clinical information that enables clinicians to treat sepsis patients effectively and quickly.

How GenomeKey compares

Blood culturing

  • 2-3 days
  • Unreliable results
  • Cheap

Molecular tests

  • Fast
  • Limited panel breadth
  • Expensive

GenomeKey’s solution

  • Fast
  • Comprehensive
  • Low-cost

The sepsis patient’s journey with GenomeKey

From blood sample to antibiotic treatment

What GenomeKey[Dx]
can achieve

  • Treat patients faster and more effectively

  • Reduce the risk of secondary health complications

  • Save the national economy up to £650 million per year

  • Safeguard the use of antibiotics for our future

Why work with GenomeKey

We’re tackling the biggest global cause of death. One in every five people will die of sepsis, and it often affects vulnerable people the most. Our solutions are being evaluated across two different NHS sites.

Learn more about how GenomeKey saves lives in our brochure.

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