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Scalable bioinformatics, automatic reports, suitable for small and medium projects.
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Unlimited samples, bespoke reports, and sequencing support.

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Unlocking DNA with Automated Bioinformatics

Enhance your lab with automated bacterial identification and antimicrobial resistance detection.

Features of GenomeKey:

  • Precision at Speed: Harness our proprietary machine learning algorithms for industry-leading accuracy and rapid results
  • Instant Access: Begin your analysis within seconds, at no cost
  • User-Friendly: Our simple drag-and-drop interface ensures easy file uploads, while a clear, intuitive dashboard displays your results

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Why Choose GenomeKey?

  • Effortless Operation
    Just a click to start comprehensive bacterial and AMR analyses

  • In-depth Analysis
    Receive detailed reports on species identification, sequence metrics, and AMR profiles

  • Broad-Spectrum Detection
    Identify a diverse range of bacterial species and their resistance mechanisms