50 million people affected by sepsis every year

Every 2.8 seconds somebody dies from sepsis

Tackling the world’s largest killer.

We have a vision of a world where nobody dies from a treatable infection. Right now, the gold standard test takes too long and has a high false-negative rate. We’re giving clinicians the information they need, much faster, so they can deliver targeted treatment and save more lives.

Sepsis & AMR

GenomeKey[Dx] A next-gen IVD device

Our device detects bacteria, identifies it, and provides a full AMR profile directly from patient blood, in only hours.


  • Fast
    Hours vs days

  • Reliable
    High accuracy for predicting resistance

  • Accessible
    Low-cost and easily integrated device

  • Comprehensive
    100% of pathogens covered in a single test


Our mission

To transform how we treat sepsis by empowering clinicians to put the patient on the right antibiotics, early on.

  • Trusted

    Partnered with healthcare

  • Impactful

    Making a difference in the hospital

  • Transformative

    Improving sepsis management

  • Innovative

    Direct from blood - results in hours

  • Quality

    Science first approach

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