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Sepsis diagnosis in hours, rather than days

We believe novel technologies like machine learning, synthetic biology and genomic sequencing will trigger a step-change in healthcare. At GenomeKey, we have assembled a team with the skills to drive this progress forward, to a place where the guesswork is removed from the diagnostic process. We are building a future where data driven diagnostics enable tailored, effective medical treatments.

Sepsis now kills more people than cancer. It can hit anyone, of any age, and kills within hours. And yet, if you or I were admitted to a hospital today, we would wait 3 days before the doctor knows which antibiotic will fight our infection. This is not good enough.

GenomeKey uses cutting edge machine learning and DNA sequencing to bring 3 days down to just a few hours. This saves lives, saves money, and saves our last antibiotics for when we really need them.

Sepsis directly costs the NHS two billion pounds every year. We have raised grant funding and a seed investment to bring our test through development, which will be the only affordable test that provides a result for every patient. If you are as passionate about this as we are, get in touch. Together we can win the fight against Sepsis.

We have assembled a team of talented and motivated people to drive forward the technology and innovation required. Pulling together experience from a wide range of industries, academic institutes and backgrounds, we believe we have what it takes to make a step-change improvement and redesign the world of Sepsis diagnostics.

The Team

  • Dr Michael Roberts



  • Dr Daniel Rogerson



  • Chris Heys



  • Ben Leach



  • Shelley Leggett

    Office Administrator

  • Dr Clio Andreae

    Senior Scientist

  • Dr Josh Dyer


  • Dr Sarah Palmer


  • Dr Scott McCormick

    Microfluidics Engineer

  • Ben Noordijk

    Bioinformatics Intern

  • Roddy McNeill

    Machine Learning Engineer

  • Réka Hagymási

    Machine Learning Engineer